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Denise Bunce, Attorney at Law: Providing Solid Criminal Defense Services

Choose Denise Bunce, Attorney at Law, when you need a criminal law attorney in Athens, Ohio. Our firm represents residents in and around Athens, Ohio, with quality criminal defense services after a misdemeanor and felony. Denise Bunce offers sound advice and a strong defense for small claims, speeding tickets, and traffic violations. Call (740) 992-5730, or contact us online to consult about your matter.

Local Criminal Defense Lawyer for Athens, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas

Denise Bunce, Attorney at Law, offers her clients valuable expertise in criminal law and other legal matters. Consider us your trusted law firm for criminal defense in Athens, Ohio, and beyond. Misdemeanor and felony criminal charges are serious no matter the individual’s age. Charges such as speeding tickets and traffic violations are also severe for all ages. It is essential to know how to handle speeding tickets and traffic violations. A misdemeanor and felony on your criminal record can go on to affect your life. Contact us today if you need a solid criminal defense in court for speeding tickets, traffic violations, or more.

We Can Properly Handle Small Claims

Even small claims need a solid criminal defense counselor. Denise Bunce, Attorney at Law, offers sound legal counsel for minor criminal infractions. Charges may involve traffic violations, shoplifting, theft, or illicit substances, to name a few. Our law firm can uphold your rights when you face small charges like traffic violations. Give us a call today for a consultation, and to speak with Denise Bunce about your misdemeanor or felony charge. We take great pride in serving all of our client’s needs.

Allow Denise Bunce to Fight Your Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

Receiving speeding tickets or traffic violations can cause Athens, Ohio, drivers a psychological and monetary burden. Between costly fines and fear of losing your license, getting issued speeding tickets can take its toll on you. As an experienced counsel, Denise Bunce fights against speeding tickets for her clients, and finds all of the pertinent facts. Do not let speeding tickets trigger a slippery slope of financial trouble or paranoia. Trust Denise Bunce to fight your traffic violations, speeding tickets, misdemeanor, and felony charges.

Residents of Athens, Ohio, and Beyond Trust Our Law Firm

Call us today if you live in and around Athens, Ohio, and need some criminal defense help. Denise Bunce, Attorney at Law, has the skills and experience to fight any felony or misdemeanor case out there. All of our clients continue to trust Denise because of her unrelenting pursuit of the truth. Our law firm is proud to provide the following services to our clients:

Contact Denise Bunce, Attorney at Law, when you need a criminal law attorney in Athens, Ohio.